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SEO Services

How can SEO benefit my business?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is what gets your company's website higher up in the search engines, meaning that your potential clients can find you.

If you offer a product or a service, chances are that people will be looking for it online. When they search for that product or service by name, where is your website?

If your company is on the first page then you could get a lot of extra business, our SEO company can get you to that place.

To find out more about how we can increase the online visibility of your business then check our SEO services page.

SEO Services

PPC Management

How can PPC benefit my business?

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is advertising on the web. The adverts can be set up to only appear when a searcher is searching for your specific product or service.

When properly set up and maintained, we can help you decrease the spend and increase the ROI of your adwords marketing strategy.

When a searcher enters the name of the product or service they're looking for they're presented with a page of results.

With PPC your company can appear on that first page with an advert designed to send the searcher to your website where they can make their purchase or enquiry.

PPC Services

Social Media

How can SMM benefit my business?

SMM (Social Media Marketing) can be beneficial in two different ways. It can; increase both brand awareness, and increase your online and offline sales.

Social media marketing can promote your business, product, or service to masses of people, targetting those who are already interested in whatever it is you're offering

Social media also grants you a direct interaction with your fans and followers, giving realtime feedback and opinions.

This can lead to direct sales, but more often it will lead to indirect sales, from your brand becoming known to your clients.

SMM Services

The Optimizers SEO Company

The Optimizers SEO Company are specialists in search marketing. Our philosophy is that by focusing all of our attention in just one area, we are able to excel at it. This means that instead of being a “jack of all trades, master of none” we get to be what we are today, and the reason our clients come to us… We are not designers or developers, we are search engine optimizers!

Our SEO agency is made up of a team of dedicated professionals. We are:

  • Qualified, from taking every good SEO course we can find.
  • Experienced, from having worked in-house and as an agency for many clients.
  • Skilful, from always honing our abilities through further practise and training.

SEO isn’t just work to us, it’s our hobby, the thing we’re passionate about. We don’t just switch off from work when we get home in the evenings and turn on the TV; we follow industry news, watch webinars, and read the latest books; always keeping up to date with the latest developments, always ensuring that we are the best SEO’s we can be.

This is an SEO company where you’ll find experts, real search engine optimizers who get real results!

We will increase your online visibility which in turn will improve your brand awareness, increase your targeted website traffic, and increase your revenue.

If you want to work with specialists that provide a top class service, come and speak to us… and see what we can do for your business.

Latest News

Resin Bonded Driveway Installers


We have seen the rise in  resin stone driveways over the past few years due to its ease of design and bespoke pattern possibilities that can be achieved with some good installation firms.  Hard wearing and fast installation times are some of the reasons for getting a new resin bonded driveway.


Used for both domestic and commercial purposes, resin bound gravel comes in all styles and colours. It s non-slip and porous so is good for our very British weather we all love so much!

Our resin installation teams are based around the South UK, so are ideally situated to make a rapid start around the London, Essex areas. If you would like 5to know more about the services offered then please get in touch with

sage accounts training courses from home, work and online.

New client for Sage accounts training courses and payroll training. If you need to get up to scratch with your book keeping skills this is the place to be. Offering online, in-house and onsite training for Sage software around South West UK. The industry leading accounts software is the most used by accountants and charted accountants. Doing your books in this format can save you a lot of money when it comes to handing over your books to your chartered accountant to sign off your books.


Sage-Accounts-Training-CoursesTaacs offer online distant learning Sage courses for accounts, sage payroll and enrollment  so you can learn the skills required by you or your employer from the comfort of your own home/office. You always have the ability to consult a Sage professional so don’t feel your on your own when learning. If you needed to have training from your workplace as an individual or as a small class of trainees (to help get multiple staff up to scratch at the same time for less cost) Taacs offer in-house training at the location/time to suite you.


If you would like to find out more about Sage or the services offered by Taacs then please visit the website for more information.




Bridal & Wedding Hair Makeup by Amanda Foster

The Optimizers have been tasked with the job of increasing rankings and promoting the Amanda Foster website for Wedding Hair & Makeup services in Bournemouth. We initially whipped up the site for her to promote her business. It includes a self maintained gallery which is done via her mobile phone and flickr! This makes it easy for Amanda to show off her latest and greatest bridal hair make overs, making brides and their maids look even more special for their wedding.

Amanda has worked behind the scenes doing hair and makeup for the actors on the television show Midsomer murders, so experience and professionalism comes with Amanda’s services as standard.

Please visit Amanda’s wedding/bridal hair and makeup webiste for more information

The responsibility of SEO’s

I’ve written before about the whole “A little bit of knowledge is dangerous” thing when it comes to SEO, and about how there is this problem with people thinking SEO is simple by only scratching the surface and picking up the fundamentals. This leads to lots of amateurs out there who believe they’re professionals because they have no idea how much more there actually is to it.

What strikes me as counter-intuitive is that there are loads of companies and organizations out there that are further compelling the problem by offering “One day” workshops, courses, and training. Not just overviews of SEO in a day, but what’s marketed as a crash course in everything there is to know.

Now, I have no problem with one day things like this if they are clear that the point is to make the attendees aware of what SEO is and how it works, but this…

SEO Talk at Southampton Solent University

A couple of months back The Optimizers were invited to give a talk at Southampton Solent University on SEO, for a web design and development class.

Please forgive the quality of the video, and I’m afraid it’s quite choppy where we had to trim it down (it did go on for an hour so I cut it down by about 50%… which is probably still way too long and will bore you all lol).

Anyway, in case you wanted to learn a bit about SEO, here’s the video playlist… it’s made up of three videos in total  :)

Brothers Paving Onboard

Ringwood based block pavers Brothers Paving have asked us to help them on there quest for local paving domination! We have happily accepted the challenge and will grow the online visibily of the website. Thanks for letting us help you out!

Dazzle with Vajazzle Kits

For a sparkly new venture we have been asked once again to add some glitter to the traffic of vajazzle designs. From only way is essex, vajazzle kits are a part of life, never tried it myself but you never know. For those who don’t know, or are not savvy with this new phenomena, vajazzles are made up of tiny decorative crystal coming in many designs, shapes and sizes that you can dress yourself with. Also used in beauty salons if you wanted to be pampered! They are also a great idea for bars and clubs wanting to promote their nights with a sparkle. Welcome vajazzle designs! The site can be found over at:

Though these have been given a bad press due to the nature of these items, we feel it has been more of a resource to the theatre and beauty salons. Find out they came into existence over at good old youtube with Jennifer Love Hewitt

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