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PPC, or Pay Per Click, is a tool which search engines use to sell advertising space.  Have you ever noticed the adverts at the top and down the right hand side of the page when you search for something? Every time you click on one of these adverts the company has to pay the search engine for your visit.  There will always be more than one company competing for your attention.  Whether the company is willing to pay more than their competitors on the search term, depends how far up the page their advert appears.Google Adwords is the most common form of PPC.

With Google Adwords your company has the opportunity to appear right up on page one when somebody searches with a keyword relevant to your products or services.Whilst Google Adwords can be set up and run by anybody following Google’s tutorials on how to use it, there is a lot more to learn than just the basics. In fact, there’s lots of tips and tricks that can improve your conversion rates with the ads, and save on your budget.

It’s important that your Google Adwords is configured correctly in the first place, as it can turn out to be very costly with little or no return if it’s set up wrong, so if you’re doing Google Adwords yourself it’s a good idea to either read a few books on it or get an expert to take a look for you.

We recommend that you always get a second opinion if you have somebody doing your Adwords for you. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who do not set accounts up correctly, or charge per keyword and only get your ads displaying for keywords that aren’t very highly searched.

How will it benefit my business?

  • Guarantees first page listings

As long as you’re willing to bid more than your competitors (we will advise the best search terms to do this with) your advert will appear in the number one spot.

  • Maximum brand visibility

We can use our analytical tools to identify which search terms are more likely to get you a sale.

  • Maximise your advertising budget

By focusing your budget towards key search terms we can increase your advertising return.

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