We offer social media marketing as a sole package, or for better effect, use along-side and as part of one of our SEO packages.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing, the next generation of advertising!

Social media websites are everywhere, there’s Blogs, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Digg and literally thousands more. The great thing about these websites is that they’re interest focused.

With Social Media Marketing you can target groups who are already interested in your products and services. For example, if you’re a travel agent and you have some special offer holidays, you can promote them to people in travel forums, travel blogs, and groups who like travel on social networking sites.

You can create your own communites on these platforms and people can subscribe to your updates.

The trick with Social Media Marketing is not to try to sell, but to inform and to help, to use viral marketing such as videos, how-to articles, tips, and humour. This way people willl enjoy what you have to say and will sign up for more. This not only increases your brand awareness and customer loyalty but allows you to also promote offers that you may have available.

How can it benefit my business?

Build your brand
For the right industries Social Media Marketing is the perfect channel to use alongside SEO and PPC, to increase your brand visibility
Plug promotions and new products
You can plug your latest promotions, new products or keep your customers up to date with what’s been happening in the office.
Create a two way dialogue with your customers
Social Media gives your customers the unique opportunity to give you instant feedback.

What we can do for you

Our experts will set you up with well designed profiles on the major social media websites, then hand the controls over to you with tools that will allow you to update all of them in one foul swoop.

But before we hand over the reigns we’ll meet with you and show you how to do it. We’ll have discussions with you and make suggestions or come up with ideas on what we think would work for your company.

Sometimes these ideas might be a bit “Wacky” but if wacky works, we’ll try to get you on board.

Whether it’s through viral marketing with funny videos, or practical how-to guides, we’ll help you build up your brand and your community so that all those potential leads get to check out what you’ve got to offer them.

Check out some of our Case Studies to see how our Social Media Marketing has worked for others.

How much does it cost

Our Social Media Marketing service comes with a fixed price set up fee of *£500 (plus VAT). This will include major site profiles being created, training on how to use the updater tool to update them all at the same time, and one consultation on social media marketing strategy for ideas and discussion.

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